In Sufficient Force the museum presents the work of internationally renowned American artists from the museum’s collection. The focus is on the nineteen sixties, the turbulent artistic climate particularly in and around New York.

The spaces are devoted entirely to minimal and conceptual art and the then revolutionary notion that to convey the idea and meaning of a work of art is more important than its material form. The artists represented are Ad Reinhardt, Tony Smith, Donald Judd, Carl Andre, Robert Morris, Dan Flavin, John McCracken, Sol LeWitt, Eva Hesse, Richard Serra, Robert Smithson and Bruce Nauman.

The exhibition takes place in the part of the museum that was designed and built in the heyday of this adventurous American art. Thanks to a close collaboration between the museum’s director at that time, Rudi Oxenaar, and architect Wim Quist, the growing art collection was provided a wonderful architectural context, which is interesting to re-experience in this presentation.

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