Advertising image

In 1914, through the mediation of Helene Kröller-Müller, Bart van der Leck is employed by Wm H. Müller & Co in The Hague, where Anton Kröller is director. One of his assignments is to design a poster for the Batavier Line, the company’s parcel post and passenger line between Rotterdam and London.

Private commissions

In addition to his work for the company, the Kröllers also give Van der Leck private commissions. For example, he provides colour advice for their homes and makes tile decorations and advertising material for their farm De Schipborg in Drenthe. He also designs the typography for Helene’s collection folders with art reproductions.

Artistic freedom

Initially, Van der Leck is pleased with his appointment. He writes to his friend Piet Klaarhamer: ‘Do you not find it remarkable that I am to make a poster for the Batavier Line? Work that I have so often coveted. And now on commission!’ But after some time, he craves more artistic freedom and terminates his contract in 1916.