Theosophical ideology

Charley Toorop is the daughter of Jan Toorop, from whom she learns the painting profession. In the town of Domburg in Zeeland, where her parents spend the summers, she comes into contact with the theosophical ideology through the circle around Marie Tak of Poortvliet.

Edgar and John

During these years, Toorop paints many portraits of her children. For Little child she takes inspiration from her sons Edgar and John. The little boy is depicted simply, with few contrasts and in pale tints. The sharp outline gives the child his eventual form.

Mystical viewpoint

In this dreamlike portrait, Toorop’s mystical viewpoint and the influence of the theosophical movement are expressed. She sees the human body as a mirror of the soul and deliberately seeks colours and shapes that represent ideas and spirituality. The child is surrounded by an aura, the expression of his invisible being.