Perfect beauty

The nickname for The beginning of the world is ‘Brancusi’s egg’. According to the artist, this asymmetrical oval represents perfect beauty. The reduced, compact form refers not only to the beginning of the world, but also to the origins and mystery of human life.

Penetrate to the core

A significant part of Brancusi’s work is characterized by abstraction and simplicity. But for him, ‘simplicity’ is not a goal in itself, and nor is abstraction. In his work he seeks to penetrate to the core. ‘If you approach the actual meaning of things, you achieve simplicity in spite of yourself’.

Unique visual idiom

That ‘actual meaning’ cannot be expressed by depicting people, animals or objects realistically, as that is merely the exterior. And so Brancusi develops his own visual idiom. These days, he is regarded as the father of modern sculpture.