The American minimal art artist Dan Flavin makes sculptures from commercially available fluorescent tubes with white or coloured light. The light that the tubes emit colours everything in the vicinity of the sculpture – people, objects and the space itself. Light has no spiritual significance for Flavin. He regards and uses it as a concrete element.

Indoor and outdoor space

This horizontal light sculpture is permanently mounted on the wall. The work is site-specific, as are many of his sculptures, and consists of two parts. A short section of two fluorescent tubes with bright blue light hangs on the wall in the restaurant; the ultraviolet light of the other eighteen tubes on the outside wall is only visible in the dark. The indoor and outdoor space are thereby connected.

Personal touch

Dan Flavin often gives his sculptures a personal touch by dedicating them to friends, artists or collectors. He dedicated this light sculpture to Mia Visser, the wife of designer and collector Martin Visser, who died in 1977.