Objects for the interior

The Italian artist Giacomo Balla is one of the first to embrace futurism, the art movement that seeks to express the dynamism of the modern age, the sensation of speed and constant change. In addition to painting, he also devotes himself to the futurist design of everyday life and indulges in countless designs of objects for the interior, from covers, lamps, tableware and collapsible furniture to complete interiors.

Moving car

In Paravento con linea di velocità, Balla uses the theme of a moving car to experiment with the depiction of motion. The car itself is not recognizable, but motion and speed are represented in an abstract, energetic arabesque, the linea di velocità.

Shaped canvas

Through the medium of the folding screen, painted on both sides, Balla literally occupies the space and extends the boundaries of the two-dimensional painting. Partly due to the fresh, contrasting colours, this folding screen is a remarkably modern looking shaped canvas, in which light, speed and dynamism are reduced to a synthesis of line and colour.

YouTube series about futurism

Want to know more about this folding screen? Watch the video! Educator Matthea tells you how the futurists believed that everything could be art: tables, chairs and even toys. You can find more videos about futurism on our YouTube channel.