Concrete and abstract

Natural processes, such as gravity, wind directions and electricity, play a defining role in the work of Giovanni Anselmo, but so do abstract concepts such as the visible and invisible, the finite and the infinite, the partial and the whole.


For his sculptures, the Italian artist often uses different materials which he allows to effect each other: wood, metal, anthracite, leaves, or in this case granite and paper. Language is also an important medium for him. This is expressed not only in his often poetic titles, but also in the form of written, projected or photographed words, which bridge the gap between idea and image.


In this work Anselmo draws our attention to the earth and its unfathomable, mysterious qualities. A large sheet of paper hangs on the wall with a drawing of an outstretched hand, which points to three slabs of granite on the ground. The slabs represent a panorama, while at the same time representing matter and gravity, as defining forces for life on earth.