Cubist influence

In Paris, the Lithuanian sculptor Jacques Lipchitz came into contact with cubism. Under its influence he abandoned the naturalistic representation of reality in his work. His Seated man with a guitar consists of a number of flat, concave and convex surfaces, which are arranged in different positions relative to each other.

Complete the image

Although the head, in which only one eye is indicated, the shoulders, the guitar, hands and legs are easily distinguishable, the precise pose of the man is difficult to determine. The observer has to complete the image him/herself, as it were. Using minimal means and abstract sculptural elements, Lipchitz manages to create a lively image of the figure and the characteristic pose.

Three-dimensional counterpart

With its highly simplified geometric forms, Seated man with a guitar can be regarded as a three-dimensional counterpart to the cubist paintings by Picasso, Braque and Gris. The musical theme is also typical of this art movement.