The medium of American artist Jenny Holzer is language, in the form of a series of short statements, which she often presents on LED signs. Among other things, her texts are about human behaviour, consumer society, our inner motivations, the differences between rich and poor and the way in which people interact.

LED sign

In 1986 she showed her Survival Series on a large LED sign in the heart of New York’s, in Times Square. The work is now in the collection of the Kröller-Muller Museum. This series displays texts such as ‘If you had behaved nicely the communists wouldn’t exist’, and ‘If you are considered useless no one will feed you anymore’.


Holzer confronts the observer with her truisms in places where she can reach as many people as possible, such as in public buildings, in the streets and on billboards. But her provocative statements are also effective in galleries and museums.