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Secondary schools

Are you looking for engaging lesson cards for students to use during the museum visit? Or do you need some extra questions to add to your own lesson cards? Here you can choose from a range of free lesson cards. The lesson cards and map are updated regularly. 

Van Gogh discovers colour

Discover Cézanne's impressionism, Seurat's pointillisme and the bright colours of Van Gogh. 

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Ladies in the sculpture garden

A short history of the famous sculpture garden.

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Van Gogh takes painting lessons

Learn more about the young Vincent and his starting years as a painter.

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This map indicates the artworks mentioned in the lesson cards for secondary schools. 

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Tradition - Innovation

Now world famous, but scandalous in their own times: discover innovative artworks by Monet, Van Gogh and Picasso.

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Beautiful - Ugly

What exactly makes a work of art beautiful or ugly? Find out with this lesson card!

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Recognition - Alienation

This lesson card helps you discover artworks that most visitors fail to notice, both inside and outside.

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Art Collector

Select your free Art Collector lesson cards and research your own collection. Read more about the Art Collector game and teaching package


What is your first impression of the museum?

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Helene and Vincent

Vincent van Gogh was Helene's favourite. Do you agree with her?

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Your movement

Research the various art movements represented in your collection.

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Beautiful, bigger, best

Research your collection in detail. Which work is your favourite?

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Sculpture garden

Would a work from the sculpture garden fit in your collection?

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Don't touch

Discover how the museum protects its masterpieces.

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Your Museum

Where would you build a museum? What would you put on display?

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New acquisition

Would you like another artwork in your collection? Try exchanging one!

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The ultimate favourite

Discover all the details of your favourite artwork.

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