Extremely heavy/weightless

A flat, oval block of Brazilian marble hangs in a steel net between two Douglas Firs. One side of the marble is polished to a radiant azure blue, while the other is left unpolished, grey and rough-hewn. The title indicates that the blue side refers to a cloudless, clear sky and the grey to a cloudy, overcast sky.

‘Rich’ materials

Fabro is considered one of the arte povera artists. Nonetheless, in many cases he doesn’t use the ‘poor’ materials, such as wood, plants, fruits, rags or sand, for which this Italian art movement is well known. He prefers materials that convey wealth and excite the imagination, such as gold, silk, glass, tulle, gilded bronze or, as in this case, a special type of marble.

Poetic character

The sculptures and installations of this Italian artist always stand out for their poetic character and wonderful shape. Fabro plays with the shape and content or meaning of the image. Here, he transforms an extremely heavy lump of marble into a weightless piece of the sky, with a sunny and a cloudy side.