Central theme

Equestrian sculptures are the central theme in Marini’s work. This places him in line with Italian art history, in which equestrian statues of rulers play an important role. But he also reacts against fascist art with its heavy emphasis on power and domination.

Symbol of human existence

Marini creates his equestrian sculptures in bronze or wood, often with colour to reinforce the expressiveness. The theme of the horse and rider is of great emotional significance to him, as it symbolizes human existence.

Dependency and vulnerability 

There are sculptures in which the rider sits upright and relaxed and also sculptures of a horse rearing up with no rider. In this work the rider raises his arms in the air in panic. The horse tosses its head back and seems to want to throw the man off. Marini sees these different versions respectively as expressions of unity, powerlessness and upset balance. In this work he shows the dependency and vulnerability of humankind.