A whole

Floating sculpture, Otterlo was created as a commission for a sculpture that would form a whole with a pond and with the environment. Marta Pan designed the pond, a curved body of water, in close relation with a floating, organic sculpture in white polyester, which contrasts greatly with the green of the surroundings.


The sculpture consists of two organic forms, which move independently of each other around a central pivot. The concave upper form functions as a sail that catches the wind. Wind, water and reflection are components of the sculpture, which moves across the pond as if dancing.


Movement is an essential theme in the work of Marta Pan, who was born in Hungary. In 1947 she settled in Paris, where she had many contacts in the world of theatre and dance. Her sculptures, mostly organic forms in wood, related to the human scale and inspired by the themes ‘pivot points’ and ‘balance’, are a source of inspiration for choreographers.