Ever wanted to paint with the masters? Now you can!

What would it be like to precisely put the colour on to the canvas point by point just like Georges Seurat? Or to paint the quick dashes of Vincent van Gogh or the rigid lines of Piet Mondriaan? Come to the museum and play the digital painting game Painting with the masters? I can do that too! to find out!

SchilderspelAdvice from the masters

Using a real paint brush on a digital canvas, you can practice the different painting techniques to your heart's content. Reproduce the details of artworks from the museum's collection and discover how difficult it is to create a real masterpiece. Of course, the artists also watch your progress and give their advice. It is a real challenge for young and old alike!

The painting easels with the painting game stand in the restaurant. Advance booking is not necessary.

Curious to know how this painting game was created? Watch this movie by Kiss the Frog: