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1913 – 1916


Part of: Helene Kröller-Müller

Helene becomes director of the Buildings Department and works with architect H.P. Berlage and artists Bart van der Leck and Joseph Mendes da Costa on several major projects for Müller & Co., including St. Hubertus Hunting Lodge.

H.P. Berlage

Farm 'De Schipborg' near Anloo (Drenthe), architect H.P. Berlage, circa 1917

Groot Haesebroek and Saint Hubertus

Bart van der Leck

Bart van der Leck, Tegelversiering voor boerderij 'De Schipborg' in Anloo, 1915-1916


Bart van der Leck: Design for collection folders, 1915 / Color design for the art room in Groot Haesebroek, 1916-17 / Postcard 'De Schipborg', 1922 (formerly attributed to) / Mining industry (stained glass), 1914-15 / Poster Batavier line, 1916 / Postcard 'De Schipborg', 1922 (formerly attributed to)

Monuments on the Veluwe

Joseph Mendes da Costa, Monument Christiaan de Wet,  1915-1922

Monument Christiaan de Wet in 'the Otterlo sand' by Joseph Mendes da Costa, 1915-1922

First catalogue of the collection

H.P. Bremmer, First catalogue of the collection of Helene Kröller-Müller, 1 April 1917