art with local history

The digital block calendar connects art with (local) history, encourages collective viewing and philosophizing and is easy to incorporate into the curriculum; in preparation for a visit to the museum, as part of a separate art project, or simply a fascinating intermezzo.

Recognition of educational policy

The museum is delighted and very proud. The prestigious award is a recognition of the educational policy, in which collaboration is an important pillar and provides the opportunity to further develop this special project. The Kröller-Müller Museum will use the financial contribution for a national edition of the digital block calendar, with a mixture of fashion, science and art, related to important moments in Dutch history. To this end, the collaboration will be further extended: with five other museums and dozens of new primary schools.

Elke dag kunst

Award encourages collaboration between primary schools and museums 

Minister Bussemaker (Education, Culture and Science) instituted the Dutch Museum Education Award for the best collaborative project between schools in primary education and museums. The Taskforce Museum Education of the Museums Association, established in 2015, is responsible its realization. A jury of experts in the field of culture and education assessed all the submissions and chose the winner after visiting all three finalists. An extensive selection of good examples have been compiled in an advisory report, so that these may serve as inspiration elsewhere in the country.

The jury on 'Every day art':

The Kröller-Müller’s digital block calendar is present in the classroom every day. The flexibility of the programme gives teachers the possibility and freedom to incorporate the artworks and related assignments and work methods into the teaching on a daily basis. The relatively simple format connects art with local history, philosophy and geography and provides ample opportunities to develop other block calendars in collaboration with schools, municipalities and archives.

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