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1909 – 1911

Great truth of Spinoza

Part of: Helene Kröller-Müller

Helene’s visits to Rome and Florence ignite her interest in architecture. When she falls seriously ill in 1911, she decides to have a museum house built. It is intended as a ‘house of culture’ for her collection.

The Veluwe

Estate 'De Harscamp', circa 1909 / Helene on horseback / Map 'Landgoed Hoenderlo', circa 1911 / Estate Veluwe / Anton on horseback
Helene with Floris Verster at 'Het Klaverblad'

Helene with artist Floris Verster and his wife at 'Het Klaverblad'. In 1910 Verster painted a portrait of Helene, for which she regularly poses in the studio of the artist

Italian architecture

Letter and Postcard to Sam van Deventer from Florence, June 1910

Monument to culture