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1912 – 1913

Museum Kröller

Part of: Helene Kröller-Müller

Helene continues thinking about her museum. The collection is growing explosively. In just a few years she collects a record number of Van Goghs, thus laying the foundation for her ‘Museum Kröller’, which at that time is still in the city centre of The Hague.

An overview of the ‘development of modern art’

Under Bremmer’s command

H.P. Bremmer, juli 1903

H.P. Bremmer, July 1903

Acquiring masterpieces

Vincent van Gogh, Bridge at Arles (Pont de Langlois), March 1888

Bridge at Arles (Pont de Langlois) immediately becomes a favourite piece; for Helene it is one of ‘the most beautiful, most powerful, the crystal-clearest’.

Anton and art

First cubist acquisition

Piet Mondriaan, Tableau no. 1, 1913 / Juan Gris, Still life with oil lamp, 1912

Lange Voorhout no. 1